Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You gots to promise not to hit us, kkthx!!

Hi All,
Based on the poll it looks like people might want to meet the RL avatars of Doodle and Eust at BlizzCon. Ok, we're game as long as no one throws rotten eggs, etc. We'll be in one of two places on Friday at 9 AM. If we can get into the convention area we'll be at the Realm Meeting area for Kael'Thas. The link below will take you to an interactive floorplan map.

If we cannot get into the area before hand we'll be outside in the registration area. In either case, look for two guys in white t-shirts with a cheering durid tree and dancing durid cat.

So, again, no rotten eggs and no tazers.

Mebbe we see you there! :-)

-eust & doodle


Nasirah said...

Man, and I had my tazer all ready and everything.

Oh well, I'm not going to BlizzCon anyway, so I guess you guys are safe.

cerement said...

On the other hand, just 'cause Eust and Doodle made it to BlizzCon doesn't mean that we're gonna allow you to stop making comics about those two ...

Yes, we, the fans, demand moar ...